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Note that this is a snapshot of the website created by father (Edward Rushworth) when he was in his 70s, from the year 2001. The links have been updated by me (John Rushworth) to reflect current links as of 2015. I originally registered the domain for the benefit of the community in the mid 1990s. This page is a reflection of how that website started. Subsequently we transferred the domain to the community on the understanding it would always be charitable, not for profit and for the community. It was also understood that the original founders of the website would continue to be recognised for their work.

A little about local Comrie Internet history first. In the early 90s I started an Internet company called Virtual Bye Cafe Ltd from my cottage in Glasdale in Comrie and employed local people authoring webpages. One of the contracts that my brother Ian Rushworth and I secured was SSE Scottish Hydro. Here is how looked in 1996. It may look dated now but back then it was right up there with the best and we won awards. Besides working on that project and various others before and after I sold my company, to Nigel Gibbons and my brother Ian (who started Unitech), we also created the original website and some of the content. Other locals such as Blair Urqhart who subsequently started House of Tartan worked on these projects too, along with Mark Nesbitt of and others. Here is a little about the history of Unitech who were originally based in the square in Comrie and funded

The booklets about local Comrie history, referred to below, were written by my Grandfather Cyril Gordon Booth (1906-2003) who was an active and well respected member of the local community. He was also a keen ornithologist and friend of Sir Peter Scott during the 1950's - 60's. He helped found and managed the Museum of Islay Life, Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay whilst living on Islay, and became a trustee in 1983. He authored "Birds in Islay" 1975, "A Guide to Islay" 1982, "The Islay Woollen Mill Story" 1983, "An Islay Notebook" 1984, and various publications for Islay Museum. When he moved to Comrie he authored the local history booklets about Comrie. See link below.

2015 is the 15th anniversary of the start of as a website. Initially it was used as an appeal page for the refurbishment of the White Church in which my father and grandfather were involved. The project management committee was headed up by Joan Carmichael JP. Here is a snapshot from about the White Church refurbishment. Note images have not been cached.

You can see below how the site looked in 2001 and a little more information about how the website started.

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The focal point of the beautiful village of Comrie in Perthshire, Scotland, is the "White Church" on the banks of the river Earn on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Previously a historic church, the building was refurbished and opened as "Comrie Community Centre" on16th September 2000. The parish of Comrie has a thriving community to which this website is dedicated.

Bullet Point Books on Comrie local history by C. Gordon Booth, FSA Scot.
Bullet Point Comrie Community Centre.
Bullet Point Comrie Medical Centre.
Bullet Point The local history of Dunira by Edward Rushworth.

Links to other sites of local interest.

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Bullet Point Old postcard photographs of Comrie by Harry Mercer.
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Caravan Sites

Bullet Point Twenty Shilling Wood Caravan Park.

Hotels, Guest Houses, and Holiday Cottages.

Bullet Point Bobbin Mill.
Bullet Point Mossgeil Guest House.
Bullet Point Royal Hotel.

Local Businesses

Bullet Point House of Tartan.
Bullet Point Island Holidays.
Bullet Point Mari Donald Knitwear.
Bullet Point White Peak Design.

The website domain name of was registered some years ago by John Rushworth with the intention of providing a website for the entire community of Comrie village in Perthshire, Scotland. The locally founded firm of Unitech , took over the name and has generously funded the website for that purpose. To-date it has not been used, other than to promote the building appeal fund for the White Church on behalf of Comrie Community Centre. Unitech is an established up and coming internet and intranet service provider company which is now based in Edinburgh and run by Nigel Gibbons. They have generously agreed to continue hosting the website for the benefit of Comrie community as a whole.

Edward/Ted Rushworth has agreed to act as the Website Editor for the time being, so as to develop the site. It is hoped that others in the community with computing skills will join him to form an informal committee to run the website. It is primarily intended for the use of local voluntary and charitable organisations, and as an information resource for locals and visitors, but it would be good to have local businesses involved too. The website will be available totally FREE OF CHARGE to voluntary and charitable organisations, and it is suggested that the same should apply to businesses providing they make a suitable donation to the Comrie Community Centre, or other similar local organisation. The website itself will not be run as a business though; it will remain a voluntary organisation run by the community for the benefit of the community.

To start with, if your organisation would like to have it's details published on the website, you will need to let the Website Editor know just what you would like published and provide details of a contact person, preferably one with an e-mail address. Ideally the details you would like published should be e-mailed in HTML format, but plain text will do, and as a last resort even typewritten text on A4 paper will do. This should be sent to Edward/Ted Rushworth by e-mail or by post to him at Dunmore Cottage, Dunira by Comrie, Crieff, Perthshire PH6 2JZ, or phone to discuss.

If your organisation has a member with computing skills who is willing to help in this project please contact the Website Editor.

Let's get on with it ....................

Line drawing of the White Church
Website Editor: Edward Rushworth
Updated Wednesday, May 16, 2001.